After Skiing Go Visit The Local Strip Clubs

Why Strip Strip Clubs?

strip clubs las vegasThere are many things to do on our famous world class ski resort. You can eat, party, go on tour, obviously ski but one of the best things to do off our famour resort is to go visit some of the popluar local strip clubs!

We know this may not sound so professional but truthfully we have alot of clients who are very interested in this type of fun and we will not neglect those clients because a strip club is a taboo type of entertainment. Some of the best fun in the world is adult fun whether you want to admit it or not!

Crazy Horse 3 & Olympic Gardens Las Vegas

A town favorite is the legendary olympic gardens las vegas strip club. This strip club is pretty large compared to most other strip clubs around the world. It has two levels one for women and the upstairs is for male strippers. The girls that work here are drop dead gorgeous and all have bodies from heaven. There are girls with big butts, big boobs, and perfect smiles. They are friendly and will show you a good time if you have the money to enjoy a few hours.

Another great place to visit thats even better and wilder than olympic gardens is the Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas Strip Club. This strip club feels like a nightclub. The crowd is very sophisticated and the music is awesome. The girls do alot of cool tricks on the pole and they are even more exotic and beautiful than the girls at olympic gardens. Crazy horse 3 has more girls dancing there since there are no male strippers working inside the club. The best situation to go into this club with is around $1000 and hopefully a very attractive lady friend. You get away with alot more when you have a girl with you and the strippers will get alot wilder when you have a girl.

Bring a VIP Escort on Your Ski Trip

Skiing is one of the most fun things to do when on vacation. Many people and business men from around the world come to our ski resort to enjoy themselves with friends and family. If you are not lucky enough to have those people with you than maybe you should hire a professional escort service to send you the Best VIP Houston Escorts to your rescue!

Lets face it no one wants to be alone on their vacation because it is not much fun. And some people are not skilled socially enough to go out and meet singles on the resort, so the best and easiest option for you would be to hire the Best VIP Las Vegas Escorts direct to your room for the hour or for the entire weekend retreat!

Depending on what girls you are into the best place to go for escorts is, CityVibe, Slixa and Source-Escorts. Please avoid the backpages. Many of our guests have contacted escorts from there only to be ripped off of tricked. If you live in san francisco you can find the Best VIP San Francisco Escorts at any of the sites i mentioned earlier.

The best way to experience a true Girlfriend experience with your escort is to take her out for dinner, go skiing with her, cuddle up and enjoy hot chocolate after and then get a sensual massage with of course a happy ending!

This may be more pricey but it will be truly worth every penney over being alone all weekescorts at our famous Ski Bitter Resort. Most girls charge $300/hr and $10,000 for the week. This price is for Vip Escorts who look like they came straight off the runway. If you cant afford this kind of luxury than search for better rates and bargain.




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